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Our Manifesto awake


We are a UNIQUE multidisciplinary team of consciously AWAKE health care providers, doctors, nurses, counsellors, support workers, alternative health professionals, researchers, legal, business executives, entrepreneurs and philanthropists that have come together in unprecedented collaboration to co-create a curated menu of specialised methods and programmes to REAWAKEN WHO we are and HOW we live.
We align in dedication to the leading edge of human advancement.

At the nexus of progressive medicine and consciousness research we safely blend the most effective counselling, coaching and personal development approaches into ONE simple, life changing approach. Our methods align and integrate

  • Eastern,
    • Western,
      • Traditional,
        • Alternative,
          • Plant Based and
            • Psychedelic Medicine Therapies

PROVIDING AWAKE, leading-edge health and wellness solutions to transform BEING and the way we LIVE.


Every member of our team from CEO to doctor to board member to support worker is also a client. Driven by each of our own personal transformative healing experiences and by the ease and simplicity of conscious awakening, it is our collective mandate to share the findings of our stories, research and experiences with the world.

Whether at crisis points, in the midst of depression, despair, addiction, PTSD or just simply longing for more meaning and inspiration in life, each founding member faced dissatisfaction by the marginal responses, if any, to conventional treatments and available options (even as practising traditional health care professionals). In alignment, we combined expertise, experience and unique skill sets together with the BEST practices from various fields across the world to design a groundbreaking personalised medical programme unlike anything seen before.

There’s a revolution that needs to happen and it starts from inside each one of us. We need to wake up! Nothing is more important than brotherhood and sisterhood of man.

THICH NHAT HANH ~ Author, Teacher, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and Activist.


Founding members have been industry leaders in our own right with over 10 years of individual experience in their respective fields of expertise and have successfully worked with over 1000 patients in combined therapy as a formidable aligned team.

It is our collective mandate to come together in an unprecedented collaboration and cooperation with a multidisciplinary team of healers, researchers and health professionals in our extensive areas of skill, expertise and experience to create a collective NEW Health and wellness model – SIMPLE YET COMPETE

Driven by data and science yet rooted in consciousness for the advancement and evolution of mankind.