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Our Mission awake


Our primary focus on expanding states of consciousness provides a profound capability to change our vantage point with new perspectives and opportunities to address our self limiting beliefs and change how we view and relate to ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we relate to and interact with the world around us..

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Everything in Life is Vibration

Our proprietary therapy brings ancient healing, energetic, plant and psychedelic medicines into a revolutionary 21st century health care model to REAWAKEN the ancient collective wisdom embodied in these practices and apply them to our existing healthcare systems to transform health and healing. Our unique evidence based programmes are rooted in science ,research, analytics and data and are compatible with all “mainstream” and “alternative” forms of medicine and therapy.


A ground breaking personalised medical programme unlike anything seen before which can be tailored to each individual’s circumstances, beliefs, needs, preferences and contexts and can be transposed between traditional and alternative medical health setting and settings.

Our unique evidence based programmes are rooted in science, research, analytics and data and are compatible with all “mainstream” and “alternative” forms of medicine, psychedelic medicine and therapy.

All in simple yet optimal and comprehensive steps.

Following consciousness expansion, conflict is resolved within the mind of the individual by recontextualization which solves the problems. Conditions are resolvable by seeing and identifying different vantages of the self which are the basis of human suffering

Dr. David Hawkins – Influential Teacher, Consciousness Researcher and Psychiatrist to one of the Largest Psychiatric Medical Practices in the USA