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All individual sessions are designed as stand alone INPowerment sessions and are available ONLINE and in PERSON and IN Private as well as GROUP settings.The multi session programs are specifically designed for individuals who wish to deepen their dedication toward self mastry, excellence and peak performance. WE at AWAKE are committed to providing equitable access to all our programs, products and services. If the cost is prohibitive for you please contact us to discuss alternative payment options.

Awake Partnerships and Affiliations

Our extensive clinical research and academic partnerships in consciousness research, noetic science and plant based therapies including psychedelics- allowing
us to experience and develop our own unique proprietary evidence-based formulations, approaches and protocols.

Our strategic partnerships allow us to capitalize on health Canada licences where applicable, to develop original products, research, patents, and services for plant and synthetic medicines including psychedelics.

Our unique professional skill sets together with our strong partnerships and affiliations with key therapists, researchers, academic institutions and clinical trials places us in an unparalleled position to be the industry leader in the facilitation and support of progressive medicine therapies including plant and psychedelic medicine.

By pioneering consciousness research we continue to expand the field of scientific understanding thereby transforming mental health, substance use,addiction and human performance medicine. We remain dedicated to the leading edge of human advancement.