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It is our collective mandate to revolutionize and simplify health care, healing, wellness and peak human performance. Our proprietary therapeutic and
integrative models combine a multi pronged approach with our multidisciplinary team of professionals. The diversity of our team further allows us to
tailor-make and design a treatment and post treatment integration plan to specially suit the needs and lifestyle of each individual and
their unique circumstances.

In safe, controlled healing and nurturing environments our integrative therapies focus on consciousness, resulting in recontextualization of the mind, body
and spiritual BEING in the world. IN contrast to a world where we are conditioned to seek health, mental clarity, happiness and peace externally we at
AWAKE focus on the source – we go WITHIN

CONSCIOUS personal INPowerment Therapy sessions: ONLINE and in PERSON

CONSCIOUS couples INPowerment Therapy sessions

CONSCIOUS PRE and POST psychedelic therapy integration and support

CONSCIOUS LIFE SUPPORT Peak Performance Therapy And support coaching

CONSCIOUS Corporate Development consultation and support

CONSCIOUS Interpersonal and Corporate Conflict Resolution


Local and International

Awaken Me

AWAKE offers a variety of all-inclusive and individually focused, luxury multimodal medicine journey’s that are designed to elevate and expand consciousness and to AWAKEn you to your TRUE SELF.

Transform your life and AWAKEn to your highest potential with an immersive, life changing AWAKE Journey.

Training and Education

As further scientific evidence accumulates on the therapeutic value of integrating combination therapy, including psychedelic medicines and the value of consciousness research, specialized clinical training and experience is required to meet an increased demand and expertise for these novel treatments.

We remain committed to ongoing research, development, education and exposure. With a powerhouse of industry leaders and experts behind us, we believe in providing hands-on therapy, education and training with strong academic partnerships and academic affiliations, streamlining the training process and experiential opportunities.

AWAKE Provides

AWAKE provides a curated menu of specialized sessions, courses, talks and retreats along with expertly trained facilitators and therapists who are mindfully aligned in their approach to healing and wellBEING.

ALL sessions and support are available in person, or electronically at your fingertips wherever you go. This allows you to take your own personal coach, counsellor or health expert and support with you wherever you go by simply video or linking your phone, laptop or computer anywhere you may venture.

  • Personalized

    It is a patient centred, personalized medical programme designed to specifically suit the needs and lifestyle of each individual and their unique circumstances.

  • Consciousness

    Rooted in consciousness yet comprises evidence-based, scientific protocols for the delivery of therapies, formulations, technology application and integration.

  • Multidisciplinary

    Encompasses a multidisciplinary, trained and experienced professional team of industry experts.

  • Adaptive

    Protocols are adaptive to various safe and controlled therapeutic, natural and indigineous settings

  • Evidence-Based

    Our evidence-based protocols are data driven and research backed, expertly designed to minimize risks and maximize potential therapeutic benefit

  • Compatible

    All programs brought together are compatible with all alternative therapy, plant and psychedelic medicine and conventional health therapy models.

  • Medically Approved
    • Screening, Intake and Safety Protocol
    • Administration and Monitoring Protocols
    • Follow up, and integration protocols
  • Simple yet optimal

    All programs are brought together by unprecedented collaboration in simple yet optimal and comprehensive steps.

All individual sessions are designed as stand alone INPowerment sessions and are available ONLINE and in PERSON and in PRIVATE as well as GROUP settings.

The multi session programs are specifically designed for individuals who wish to deepen their dedication toward self mastry, excellence and peak performance.
WE at AWAKE are committed to providing equitable access to all our programs, products and services. If the cost is prohibitive for you please contact us to discuss alternative payment options.

AWAKE Partnerships and Affiliations

Our extensive clinical research and academic partnerships in consciousness research, noetic science and plant based therapies including psychedelics- allows
us to experience and develop our own unique proprietary evidence-based formulations, approaches and protocols.

Our strategic partnerships allow us to capitalize on Health Canada licences where applicable, to develop original products, research, patents, and services for plant and synthetic medicines including psychedelics.

Our unique professional skill sets together with our strong partnerships and affiliations with key therapists, researchers, academic institutions and clinical trials places us in an unparalleled position to be the industry leader in the facilitation and support of progressive medicine therapies including plant and psychedelic medicine.

By pioneering consciousness research we continue to expand the field of scientific understanding thereby transforming mental health, substance use, addiction and human performance medicine.
We remain dedicated to the leading edge of human advancement.